SFD Countdown in 12 languages!

On top of the badges we now have a multi-lingual countdown counter supporting all time zones. Currently twelve languages are supported (English, German, Portuguese, French, Khmer, Sinhalese, Persian, Korean, Spanish, Galician, Chinese simplified and traditional). Feel free to place one of the counters in your website or blog. It is very easy to add a new language should you need it and even documented.

Link to countdown usage page:
Link to translation howto:
Link to promotion badges:

A big thank you goes to all the translators who have helped us to create the necessary png files for each language!

Happy SFD preparations!

One thought on “SFD Countdown in 12 languages!

  1. Fred just updated that there is a silent individual who goes under the wiki name of eischmann has translated the countdown into Czech. So if you live in Prague you will be at GMT+2 (summer time) and the code to copy and paste in your web site can be found on the wiki page.

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