GNOME.Asia Committee 2010

committeeOne of the main objective of the GNOME.Asia Committee, and the summits we’ve organized every year since 2008, has been to build a stronger GNOME community in Asia.  Thanks to the COSCUP / GNOME.Asia 2010 event in Taiwan this year, we’ve moved a step closer to our goals and recruited five more members from various Asian countries to join our Committee. They are:

Welcome aboard!

Since early September we have resumed our weekly IRC meetings and started planing for the next GNOME.Asia Summits. It’s a real pleasure to be working with all of them and I can already feel the GNOME.Asia community getting stronger as more passionate people are joining the organizing team! One of the actual focus these past two weeks was to get a pre-event survey out and better address the needs, interests and desires of potential future participants. While still in its “beta version” we’ll be starting to approach some key people we would like to see involved in the next chapter of GNOME.Asia Summit and refine it. Planned public release is early October, so please stay tuned and do help us to get your ideas counted!