Over 100 teams registered


And while we’re 2 weeks within the opening of SFD 2013 registration a lot of things are happening. First we saw an amazing 103 teams registered from 39 countries! We are currently producing team packs for those early registered SFD teams i.e. the packs will be delivered to teams that registered on or before July 21th. If you haven’t registered your SFD event yet, simply create your team page  and complete the registration form. All information and links are of course available from SFD website.

Another good news is that we have been talking to our partners to sponsor us with promising prizes for this year SFD Competition, we will announce all the prizes in the coming month. Stay tuned with our latest news by subscribing to our mailing list.

What else? Don’t forget to tell people about SFD! Simply use one of the banners we’ve made if you are organizing, participating, attending or speaking at a SFD event by placing it on your webpages and link it back to your SFD event page or http://www.softwarefreedomday.org. You can also help us to promote SFD by placing our SFD counter with your own language as well!

Happy SFD preparation!

Celebrate SFD with us on September 21, 2013!

SFD 2013 Registration is now LIVE!

SFD 2013 Registration is LIVE

It is with a great pleasure that we are opening registration for SFD 2013. The deadline for registered teams to get the free goodies is July 21st which should give us enough time to ship everything everywhere. For registration, simply create your team page under http://wiki.softwarefreedomday.org/2013 (/country/city/team for most) and complete this registration form.

We are available for support through email on sfd-discuss or on IRC (#SFD on freenode). SFD artworks are available under http://wiki.softwarefreedomday.org/Artwork and CC-BY licensed. Feel free to use, enhanced and eventually localize them.

We want to particularly thank our sponsors who are making this possible, namely Canonical, Google, and Linode for the time being. We would also like to thank our media sponsors who offer us magazine ads, they are Linux Magazine, Ubuntu user, Admin, Smart developer and Linux Journal. Should your organization be interested to sponsor and support DFF please get in touch with us.

Happy SFD preparations!

Celebrate SFD with us on September 15!


SFD Hong Kong 2012

This year Fred and I attended Software Freedom Day at City University of Hong Kong. It was a great event with plenty of talks. We met the leaders of the Hong Kong FOSS communities, Haggen and Sammy. We also made some new friends in the persons of Mart, his girlfriend and Mathieu. Since Fred presented Culture Freedom Day to the audience, we got in touch with a contributor from Videotage which is a NGO promoting and presenting video and media arts in Asia. We will definitely do something together in the upcoming CFD 2013.

On top of all this we revealed an extra information regarding DFI activities which we will publicly announce in the coming weeks. Stay tune by either following the DFI website or our identi.ca account (http://identi.ca/dfi/)!

SFD around the corner!

2012 Software Freedom Day is approaching, are you ready yet?

If you are planning to join a SFD event nearby, please check out this map! If you are organizing one yourself, please do document your event, use the #softwarefreedomday tag, upload photos, make movies, blog, tweet (on identica of course!) and get ready for the SFD 2012 competition. While we haven’t made any formal announcement yet we have some pretty exciting gifts again this year which we are sure will please all your team. Stay tuned!

Celebrate SFD with us on September 15!

2012 SFD Team Packs shipped

They’re finally off! Yes, you read well, all the SFD team packs have left DFI office and are now on their way to your event. All registered teams before August 12 this year should start to receive the great stuff we have prepared for them. In total we packed and shipped about 200 packages together with our local community. DFI has been generous enough as every year to invite us for dinner that same day!

A big thank you goes to Google, Canonical, Linode, Free Software Foundation, FSFE, Linux Magazine, Ubuntu Users, Smart Developer, Admin magazine, Linux Journal, FreeBSD, and Joomla!. We are also pretty excited to have new FOSS projects doing their part to support and encourage SFD, such as Creative Commons and Open Clipart .

For those who missed the deadline, subscribe to our announce or discuss mailing lists to get notified next year and rush to our artwork page to download all the source files and produce your own goodies!


Celebrate SFD with us on September 15!