GNOME People starting to arrive in Bangalore

Members of the GNOME release and marketing teams have started to arrive last night and will continue to land in Bangalore today and tomorrow. We have been welcome by a lovely weather which is a change for most of us living in colder countries at this time of the year. The local GNOME.Asia team has done a wonderful job in picking the place where we are all staying and we could say that the moral is really high! Indeed the week ahead is going to be busy for all of us working at the GNOME 3.0 hackfest and the warmth and sun from Bangalore can only give us more energy towards our goals.

As a side note the second training session has been filled in no time and unfortunately we are not able to provide more seats. Now considering the interest we strongly believe that the local GNOME User Group will have no other choice but to rock and provide monthly doses of GNOME technology to its community.

JoomlArt & Candis, more regional sponsors

We are very happy to announce that two more regional companies have decided to support GNOME.Asia namely JoomlArt! from Vietnam, providing commercial templates for several free software CMS, and Candis Group from China, an IT solution service provider including hosting services in and out of China. Both companies have centered their business around using, contributing and making money with free software and we are very glad to be receiving their support for this forth edition of GNOME.Asia.

In fact Candis has been a supporter of Free Software communities as far as we can remember and hosting the famous Beijing GNU/Linux User Group since its inception. The decision to support GNOME.Asia was taken on the fact that we will be hosting the 2012 summit most likely in Hong Kong.

JoomlArt! actually provides their conference template for free to any interested Joomla! Day organizer , promotion which they have extended to GNOME.Asia. We have to say it’s been a great design which has enabled us to get the website up and running within a week. We were able to focus on our content rather than designing, css’ing and html’ing, which is not our main expertise. Hopefully the two companies will have the time to join next year event and for foreseeable future.

The cherry on the cake was when we received this email from Alvin Xue who set up our VPS at Candis:

“Dear Fred,

I didn’t notice that. If it’s for, I am very happy if I did sth for it.

Best Regards !”

What else can we ask for? 😉

Check out our brand new website now. We updated a few pages including the Business Sessions and Conference Program. Please help spread the word and see you soon in Bangalore!

Lemote, our Bronze Sponsor

We are very happy to announce that Lemote is supporting GNOME.Asia Summit 2011 edition again as a bronze level sponsor this year. Lemote is a manufacturer of MIPs based computers and a provider of loongson processors (Chinese MIPs based processors) as well as related integrated solutions. It is important to add that their system are fully “free software compatible”. All system source files (BIOS, kernel, drivers etc.) are free software, no close firmware are needed. GNOME as a GNU project cares about users freedom and encourages people to use free software, which is why we are very pleased to partner with a company sharing our beliefs. Thank you very much Lemote!

Oracle, our Gold Sponsor

We are very happy to announce that Oracle / Sun is supporting GNOME.Asia Summit one more time and has taken the gold level sponsorship this year. In fact since GNOME.Asia inception in 2008, Sun and then Oracle have been following us everywhere we went in Asia providing funding and speakers! It also means we will be able to meet again with our great GNOME friends from Oracle and be able to host a face to face GNOME.Asia committee meeting as two members of our team are from Oracle! Thank you very much Oracle!

As a side note, we just started to accept lightning talks. If you are interested to give one, please register in the page, it would be nice if you can help us to spread the word as well!

Announcing GNOME 3.0 Bangalore Hackfest | GNOME.Asia Summit 2011

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GNOME 3.0 Bangalore Hackfest 2011
March 28 – April 1 2011, Bangalore, India

We are hosting a 5 days hackfest for the release, documentation and marketing teams focusing on GNOME 3.0 release. This will ensure some heavy testing of the code during the last week before the official release of GNOME 3.0, as well as preparing the release to happen in an optimal way. And at the same time, it will help the marketing team to clarify messaging when needed and finalize the launch details.

It is not primarily aimed at users or new contributors but we may organize some training and hands on sessions during the last 3 days of the hackfest (March 30 to April 1). Apart from that any contributor involved in the release process is strongly encouraged to join.

Please let us know you are coming by registering on the Bangalore Hackfest 2011 page.

GNOME.Asia Summit 2011
April 2 2011, Bangalore, India

Right after the GNOME 3.0 Bangalore Hackfest, we will jump on the opportunity of having a lot of the GNOME developers already on site to aim for the greatest GNOME.Asia Summit of all time. Now in its forth year, GNOME.Asia Summit will have the pleasure to continue to bring GNOME to users and developers in Asia and more specifically India this year, but also to celebrate the release of GNOME 3.0 with the people who actually write the software!

The event will bring the light on the GNOME desktop both from a applications and a development platform point of view, as well as strengthen the GNOME community across borders.

Visitors should expect great insights into how GNOME 3.0 will transform their desktop experience, the changes and improvements under the hood and how to make the best out of this new desktop environment both from a developer and user perspective.

The call for papers is already out and we hope to receive a lot of submissions from the Hackfest participants. We are also finalizing our call for sponsors and, depending on the momentum, planning for an extra conference day to cover all the topics (based on available budget and paper submissions). So stay tuned and visit Gnome.Asia regularly for the latest information!