DFF Hong Kong site launched!


Digital Freedom Foundation is launching a new website for DFF Hong Kong to represent our local activities. Of course having local activities means we need to be very clear towards our public and have therefore decided to have a different website for what we are doing in Hong Kong. Most likely this will not change much of your relationship with us but this can also be a different angle to your perspective on Free Software, Culture and Hardware and what can be nurtured in your area. We are currently leading a bi-monthly Free Software hackfest called the Loop in Hong Kong and happening at the local hackerspace. Beside that we have set up a forum for members and curious people alike to ask questions or simply participate. We looked at the various possible options and came up with that compromise thinking you can still RSS feed or email subscribe to receive all the notifications. Hopefully this will prove to be working for our group.

So without any further ado please let us introduce you to our Digital Freedom Foundation Hong Kong activities. If you are in Hong Kong, please do come and drop by to visit us at the Loop or just leave us a message in our forum.