SFD Countdown in 15 Languages

Прославите са нама Дан слободе софтвера!15 сентября отмечайте SFD вместе с нами!Proslavite sa nama Dan slobode softvera!

Thanks to the community, the SFD countdown is now available in 15 languages which are: EnglishCatalanFrançaisGermanChinese simplifiedPersianPortugueseArabicGreekUkrainianEstonianSpanishSerbian CyrillicSerbian LatinRussian. If you would like to localize the SFD countdown to your language, simply follow the instruction here on http://wiki.softwarefreedomday.org/CountDown

It’s in fact very easy to help us promote Software Freedom Day! On top of placing this SFD countdown, you can also tell the world if you are organizing, attending, participating or speaking at a SFD event by placing one of these banners on your website / webpage / blog and link it back to http://www.softwarefreedomday.org.

Happy SFD event preparation!

6 thoughts on “SFD Countdown in 15 Languages

  1. Ubuntu, VDS and Averia fonts are used for SDF Countdown banners. I used Ubuntu and VDS in serbian version, Averia don’t support cyrillic. I’m aware for problem with cursive, not just for these fonts.

  2. The Catalan translation of the counter has a mispelling, the first word, “Cel·lebra”, should be “Celebra”, please inform the translator, thanks!

  3. Hi josep, and thanks for the feedback. I also thought that spelling was a bit strange but not knowing the language you have to trust people doing the job. Luckily this is just in the text of the code and not in the images so I was able to fix it right away! Let me know if you spot more problems.. (hopefully not)

  4. Hi! Central America time (UTC-6) HTML code is wrong, the image link code points to UTC-5. Greets!

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