SFD team packs in the making

Based on last year feedback from teams who failed to receive their packs on time we had to advance the deadline for getting the SFD goodies to ship earlier. This year deadline is in 5 days and therefore we already started production of most of the package content already. Today we have just collected the balloons and stickers. We kept the same design with our one-year old SFD logo provided last year by Jeff Lim from Maxus Media & Software Pte. Ltd. of Singapore and licensed CC-BY attribution to SFD. We however increased the printing dimensions on the balloons and decided to go for a colorful set making them available in orange, blue, green, pink and yellow. We hope those will provide more colors and joy to your event and reflect positively on the audience. Of course we couldn’t just tell you, we also had to show you, so here is a quick shot taken outside of those balloons.

For those thinking of organizing a SFD event in your area but not registered yet, the deadline is on July 15th, so hurry up!

Celebrate SFD with us on September 15!