Mozilla, our Silver Sponsor

We are very happy to announce that Mozilla will be supporting GNOME.Asia Summit 2011 edition and has taken the silver level sponsorship this year. Mozilla already supported us in 2008 at the same level, so it’s a real pleasure to have them back. We’re now in discussion to help setting up a Firefox workshop and a Mozilla booth based on available skills and resources. If you’re very familiar with Firefox development, or a passionate user and happen to be in Bangalore during the event please get in touch with us on the GNOME.Asia mailing list. Thank you very much Mozilla!

On the promotion side of things, Linux Pilot has joined the ranks of our media partners and will be helping us to promote our Hackfest and Summit in their magazine and online platform. Thank you to Linux Pilot for their support!

We have also made some nice badges to promote the conference and encourage visitors to pre-register, and will soon make some “I’ll be attending” badges available. Please help us to advertise for the event by placing any of the badges on your blog or website. Thank you!