Yes! Over 100 GNOME 3 Parties

The GNOME 3.0 Release Parties campaign has been more successful than we initially planned and we have reached more than 100 parties (precisely 116 parties from 38 countries by today)! Yes!

In order to give more support to those parties, we uploaded some web banners and the goodies artworks for everybody to use.  We are also building and regrouping materials such as slides, videos/screencast, live ISO images, flyers. Please feel free to localize and upload them in order to share with others. If you want to contribute to marketing material development, please join the GNOME Marketing Team and talk to us.

Registration will be on until April 6th while goodies redemption registration until Feb 15, 2011. There are still some places we would love to reach out to e.g. Russia and Australia, if anybody has contact, please help spread the word!

ps: for registered parties we have only received 60% of shipping addresses. So  please do answer our email with the right details before the deadline. else we might not be able to send you your goodies. Please contact me at pockeylam(at)gnome(dot)org if there is any question.