2009 GNOME.Asia Summit Call for Participants

Gnome.Asia Summit 2009As part of the organizing members for the first GNOME.Asia Summit in 2008 in Beijing, we had been calling for the next organizing community to host the second Asia Summit for months since early 2009. Knowing that my friend, Mario, would be moving to Vietnam, he proposed that the second GNOME.Asia Summit could be in Vietnam with the help of the local Linux User Group.  After a few months of effort from the whole committee, here we are! Right now we are in progress of calling for participants including speakers, exhibitors, audiences and sponsors. Below you will find the announcement, please join us and help to spread the word!

The second GNOME.Asia Summit will be held in Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam, from 20-22 November, 2009. The GNOME.Asia Summit is an exciting event gathering many contributors from the free and open source desktop communities, bringing together the Asian community, and providing a forum for planning future development and growth. This document serves as the formal invitation to participate in the summit. Please join us and participate!

The theme of the summit is ‘Get Freedom With GNOME’ which refers to the primary goals of the GNOME.Asia Summit: spreading the knowledge of GNOME and free/open source software across Asia; and building a vibrant, thriving community around it. Our target audiences include GNOME users, developers, contributors, students, and clients in Asia.

The event will feature keynotes, sessions, lightning talks, exhibitions, and a hands-on lab. We are asking for submissions for three types of proposals:

  1. Sessions
  2. Lightning talks
  3. Exhibition, hands-on lab

The sessions at the GNOME.Asia Summit will be scheduled for one hour blocks of time. You should expect approximately 45 minutes of lecture with the final 15 minutes used for questions and group discussion. Please take into consideration any time you will need for preparation. The session could be a technical talk, panel discussion, or BOF.

The lightning talks at the GNOME.Asia Summit are short presentations. Each lightning talk is only 5 minutes long with no time for Q&A. Please take into consideration any time you will need for preparation, such as projector setup. Proposals for lightning talks will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis, limited by available space.

At the GNOME.Asia summit 2009, we will have a special area for exhibition and hands-on Lab. Exhibitions including booths, posters and stands, and hands-on Lab are welcome.

Topic areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • GNOME 3.0
  • Localization & Internationalization
  • Mobile platforms and thin clients
  • GNOME Communities
  • GNOME library and application development
  • Desktop deployments
  • School software

In short, any area of GNOME and its related projects that you feel passionate is a great topic for you to speak about!

To be considered for inclusion as a participant at the GNOME.Asia Summit 2009, please send an email to asia-summit-list@gnome.org with a short abstract about your proposal. The submitted abstract should indicate the type of your proposal. Include your name, biographical information, a photo suitable for the web, a title, and a description of your presentation (under 400 words). The reviewing team will evaluate the entries based on the submitted abstracts and available time in the schedule.

The deadline for submissions is October 28, 2009 November 6th, 2009. Successful candidates will be selected and notified by the organizing committee by October 30, 2009. November 9th, 2009. Once your abstract is selected you will need to create an account on the GNOME.Asia Summit website where you will need to update your topic information, along with providing some biographical information.

All interested contributors are highly encouraged to send in their proposals. Please help us to spread the invitation to other potential participants. Even you do not plan to be a speaker, please consider joining us. This is going to be a great event!


GNOME.Asia Summit committee