Hackerspace Hong Kong


In order to promote Hardware Freedom Day that was hosted on April 20, I went to visit the only hackerspace in Hong Kong, the DimSumLabs. We met some new geeky friends including Graham, a professor at PolyU and Manolis, web admin at DimSumLabs among other many things… We had a lot of great discussions and talked from 8pm until 2am. We ended up agreeing to host some events in PolyU together in the near future.

The following Saturday, we went to do site visit and talked more. Of course we also met with our old friend, Mathieu who just started a hacking group in Hong Kong and had a very great first event. His main occupation these days apart from his job, is to work on an improved input method for Hong Kongese. We also invited him to join Digital Freedom Foundation as a director as he is helping us coordinating and running some local activities in Hong Kong, which happen to be a requirement now. All in all it was a great week, not really a HFD event but definitely big steps forwards for us.

Hardware Freedom Day is launched!


Digital Freedom Foundation is launching a new celebration around Open Hardware called Hardware Freedom Day (www.hfday.org) and which will be celebrated on April 20 2013 (one month before Culture Freedom Day). Please help us to promote the event by using our HFD countdown and banners.

Now if you’re involved in some ways with either your local hackerspace or some open hardware projects you should rush to the HFD wiki, create your event page, register your event and get a pack of cool stuff for your HFD event!

Please ask any question on the HFD mailing list.

Celebrate Hardware Freedom Day with us on April 20!