CFD Countdown available!

Celebrate Free Culture with us on May 19!In order to complement the nice web banners already available to place on blogs and websites the DFI marketing team has just launched a CFD countdown to further help with CFD promotion. In the same manner as we handled the different time zones for SFD we followed the same rules allowing everyone to display a countdown matching their own area. Of course translations are welcome (though none are available yet) and full instructions are available on the wiki. Simply ping us on the forum and we’ll activate the additional language right after checking all the files. And for the ones in a hurry just copy the sample code below (assuming you’re at UTC-4):

<a href=””><img src=”” border=”0″ width=”160″ height=”90″ alt=”Celebrate Free Culture with us on May 19!”></a>.

CFD Registration is On!

As we are one month away from Culture Freedom Day, event registration has now officially opened! Simply create your event page on the CFD Wiki where you should provide information about the venue, the schedule and anything else you deem important. Then just fill up the form right here and within minutes you should receive an activation email which will validate your participation while displaying your event on our worldwide map. Of course should you have any question or problem during the process you can either post a question in our forum or try to catch us on IRC.